Watershed Resources and Technology

PoleCreek2005.jpg The mission of the Ventura County Watershed Protection District’s Watershed Resources and Technology Division is to collect, maintain, and disseminate hydrologic and meteorologic data; conduct and prepare hydrology studies for District design projects; participate in the development of watershed plans; and to operate and maintain an advanced flood warning system for the benefit of all residents within Ventura County. We also maintain geographic data and web systems as well as design and maintain District databases.  Bruce Rindahl manages the Watershed Resources and Technology Division.

WPD WR&T staff are responsible for the following core services:

  • Collect, maintain and disseminate official hydrological data in the County
  • Hydrologic Design Studies
  • Flood Warning System
  • Forecast Modeling
  • Technical Support for watershed management plans
  • Hydrological Support for District staff
  • Geographic Information System and spatial data for Watershed Protection District
  • Benefit Assessment (tax) calculations
  • Staff support Districtwide in matters of information technology

Division Sections: