Watershed Planning and Permits

SergioVargas WSPandPThe Watershed Planning and Permits Division acts in support of the mission of the County of Ventura Watershed Protection District. We strive to achieve excellence in public service by providing comprehensive, integrated and cooperative watershed planning with the best science-based information.

The Watershed Planning and Permits Division, like all divisions of the District, is governed by various laws and ordinances, notably, the Flood Control Act (Chapter 46, Statutes of 1944) and Ventura County Ordinance VCWPD Ord.WP-2 , as the ordinance has been consolidated from earlier ordinances for flood control and watershed protection purposes. We assist our watershed-minded stakeholders to make sound decisions to protect and preserve life, property and natural resources in our county.

While some governmental agencies operate in a very compartmentalized manner, our District actively invites participation from all levels of interest, from residents to local grassroots groups, to local agencies and on to the state and federal agencies concerned with watershed issues such as California Department of Fish and Game, the State Office of Emergency Services, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, NRCS and NOAA. Our objective in Advanced Planning is to integrate all of the Districts’ goals and objectives with participating stakeholders’ interests and input.

The Watershed Planning and Permits Division is divided into three sections: