Design and Construction

The mission statement of Design and Construction is to build facilities to protect life, property and watersheds from the dangers of floods.

The design teams for each of the District Zones strive to engineer the highest quality design to construct facilities to protect the communities and watershed environments of Ventura County through in-house design engineering, project management and employment of highly qualified consultants.

An example of the services we provide to the community is the Santa Paula Creek Emergency Streambank Protection project. The heavy rains experienced in January 2005 resulted in high runoff within the Santa Paula Creek Watershed, causing severe bank erosion. This erosion resulted in the loss of farmland and endangered 11 homes and a school along the creek. The 10 - 20 foot vertical banks were unstable and highly erodible and needed to be stabilized immediately if the homes and farmland were to be protected. Work included the construction of a pilot channel to redirect the water away from the eroded banks and a series of 12 pairs of rock riprap groins within Santa Paula Creek, constructed from the material excavated from the pilot channel.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provided emergency funding for this project and one other emergency project in the City of Santa Paula under their Emergency Watershed Protection Program in order to relieve the imminent flooding hazards that exist in Santa Paula.

Another example of our services is the Lang Creek Dam Debris and Detention Basins project. This project included the construction of a stormwater debris and detention facility in Lang Creek adjacent to Westlake Blvd. The primary objective of this project was to limit the 100-year storm flow to approximately 2,000 cubic feet per second at Erbes Road in order to avoid flooding of the immediate downstream areas. The facility was also intended to trap sediment at the debris basin thus reducing maintenance downstream.