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Service Areas

 Utility Name

Community Served

Ventura County Waterworks District No. 1


 Ventura County Waterworks District No. 17

 Bell Canyon

Ventura County Waterworks District No. 19


Ventura County Waterworks District No. 38

 Lake Sherwood






Waterworks District Monthly Rate Effective - June 20, 2017
 Ventura County Waterworks District No. 1 (Moorpark)  $26.00    per    ERU*
 Ventura County Waterworks District No. 16 (Piru)  $78.52    per    ERU 
 County Service Area No. 29 (North Coast)  $141.42    per    RUE*
 County Service Area No. 30 (Nyeland Acres)  $42.57    per    RUE
 County Service Area No. 34 (El Rio)  $37.00    per    RUE
 Camarillo Utility Enterprise (Camarillo Airport)  $26.00 plus $13.43 per hundred cubic feet of
 average water usage during the rainy season

*ERU / RUE = Equivalent Residential Unit / Residential Unit Equivalent

Sewer service charges for commercial, industrial, institutional, and miscellaneous customers may be based on the quantity of flow and characteristics of the waste discharge.  Annual reviews of customer accounts are conducted, and sewer service charges are adjusted accordingly.





Miscellaneous Fee Schedule

Late Charges

  10% of  Balance
($10.00 Minimum)

48 Hour Notice of Pending Shut-Off


Shut-Off Notice


Return Check/Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Notice


Returned Check Charge


Service Turn-On After Regular Business Hours


Online and Phone Payment Fees
Credit card convenience
2.55% of total or minimum of $1.00
Electronic check (e-Check) $1.00
Credit card charge-backs $20.00
Credits $1.75
Non-NSF check returns $1.75
NSF check returns $20.00



Pursuant to public notices and hearings, the Schedule of Rates and Charges for Construction Services, containing all rates and charges for all customers of Waterworks Districts, shall be determined by Resolution of the Governing Board of each Waterworks District.  Construction rates and charges shall be made publicly available, at a minimum, by posting the rates on the website for the County of Ventura Public Works Agency, Water and Sanitation Department, which operates the Waterworks Districts. Further adjustments will be based on the Engineering New Record Construction Cost Index for the Los Angeles Region.






Construction Hydrant Water Meter Fee Schedule

Trust Deposit


Installation Fee


Required Forms
          Application for Service Form
          District 1 - Construction Water Hydrant Meter
          District 17 - Construction Water Hydrant Meter
          District 19 - Construction Water Hydrant Meter
          District 38 - Construction Water Hydrant Meter