County Stormwater Program

2017 County of Ventura Annual Stormwater Pollution Prevention Training

As required by the Ventura Countywide Municipal Stormwater Permit, the annual training for County employees and County contractors in targeted positions (whose interactions, jobs, and activities affect storm water quality) is due not later than June 30, 2017.


Post-Construction BMP Operations and Maintenance

Trash Capture Devices Operations and Maintenance

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Table of Content:
Illicit Discharge Reporting Hotline
2011 Update to VC TGM
Total Miximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)
O&M Plans for Post-Construction BMPs

Illicit Discharge Reporting Hotline
What is an Illicit Discharge?
Answer: An illicit discharge is any activity or event which results in a release, leak, flow, escape or the placement of any material other than rain water (including liquids or solids) into the storm drain system. Certain exemptions exist for emergency firefighting activities, irrigation runoff, individual residential car washing, or discharges covered by a separate National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.


  • To report an illicit discharge to the storm drain within areas of unincorporated Ventura County, please call (805) 650-4064 or email.

  • To report sewage, wastewater or hazardous material discharges, please contact the Ventura County Environmental Health Division at (805) 654-2813. For after hours on-call emergency response, please call (805) 320-6244.

  • To report an illicit discharge within an incorporated city boundary, please click here for contact information for individual cities.

For information on requirements for pool discharges, click here.

For additional information on the prevention of illicit discharges, click here for residential information or here for business information.

2011 Update to Ventura Countywide Technical Guidance Manual for Stormwater Quality Control Measures

The 2011 Update to the Ventura County Technical Guidance Manual for Stormwater Quality Control Measures was approved by the Executive Officer of the Regional Water Quality Control Board in July 2011.

The new land development requirements became effective on October 11, 2011. New Development and Redevelopment projects, which applications have not been deemed complete for processing before the effective date, will be subject to new rules if they meet Applicability Criteria defined by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

For more information on Applicability Criteria, refer to County Stormwater Program's Policies section here.

For more information on the how the effective date applies to your project see pages 1-8 of the updated Manual available at

If your project, located within the County Unincorporated area, is subject to new land development requirements for Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan (PCSMP), refer to the following websites for additional information and forms:

  • Guidelines
  • Forms
  • Brochures
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of TMDLs in Ventura County?

There are numerous TMDLs in Ventura County, some of which are already adopted and approved, currently underdevelopment, or scheduled for development. The list below outlines the current status of TMDLs in Ventura County and will be updated when new information becomes available.


Constituent Listing

Status as of March 2014

Hobie/Kidde Beaches


Effective (December 2008)

Ventura River


Effective (March 2008)


Effective (June 2013)

Santa Clara River


Effective (March 2012)

Oxnard Drain #3

Pesticides, PCBs, and Sediment Toxicity

Approved by U.S. EPA in October 2011

Calleguas Creek


Effective (July 2003) Revised WLA’s Oct 15 2009

Chloropyrifos and Diazinon

Effective (March 2006)

OC Pesticides and PCBs

Effective (March 2006)

Metals (Cr, Ni, Ag, Zn, Cd)

Effective (March 2007)

Boron, Chloride, Sulfate, TSS, Salts

Effective (December 2008)

Trash (Revolon/Beardsely Wash)

Effective (March 2008)

Malibu Creek and Santa Monica Bay

SMB Marine Debris

Effective (March 2012)

Bacteria (shellfish/swimming restrictions)

Effective (January 2006)

Nutrients (Phase I)/ Ammonia/pH/ Algae/ Eutrophication

Approved by U.S. EPA in March 2003

Benthic-Macroinvertebrates and Sedimentation

Approved by U.S. EPA in July 2013


Effective (July 2009)

Lake Sherwood Mercury

Approved by U.S. EPA in March 2012

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O&M Plans for Post-Construction BMPs