Groundwater Resources

Water is an important resource in Ventura County. The proper management of this limited resource is vital to meet the current and future demands of urban, industrial, agricultural and in-stream water uses. The Ventura County Groundwater Section addresses all water supply sources including groundwater, surface flows, imported and reclaimed water, as well as alternative resources such as conjunctive use and desalination. Water management programs include drought planning, governmental quality compliance, and several water conservation programs.

The Groundwater Section has been providing groundwater information (water levels and water quality) along with well construction data to the public for more than 40 years, and will continue to improve such service as much as possible. In addition, we conduct data gathering of both groundwater quality and groundwater levels by sampling and measuring existing wells on a routine basis. Such activities help us understand and track vital water resources to address any potential concerns before they become problems. New and existing information is recorded, coordinated, and included in topical studies.

Groundwater is just one piece of the larger water supply and demand picture, and the Groundwater Section has focused recently on integrating our information into regional Watershed Management Planning efforts. Working with other agencies and interests helps achieve our goals toward water quality protection and quantity improvement. Our data collection routines support consultant and public needs, statewide Department of Water Resources (DWR) data needs, and special studies or reports.

A variety of water quality issues affect Ventura County water resources. Quality issues include wastewater and package treatment plants, seawater intrusion, septic tanks, urban stormwater runoff, abandoned water wells, agricultural runoff, aggregate resource management and naturally occurring contaminants. All of our efforts and tasks add to a continuing a Countywide effort to maintain and improve the management and quality of water resources.


Key Goals are

  1. To Protect and Enhance Existing Water Supplies, and
  2. To Conserve Existing Water Supplies for Current and Future Needs.

We do this by:

  1. Continuing to support all water conservation programs and encourage full implementation of best management practices for urban, agriculture and industrial uses.
  2. Supporting the beneficial recycling of wastewater and appropriate water conservation measures while recognizing the extent to which some treated wastewater is already recycled following discharge.
  3. Protecting and Enhancing Existing Water Supplies.

Water demand in Ventura County has nearly tripled over the last 25 years, and is expected to double again by 2050. Groundwater is the largest single source of water in Ventura County. It provides about 67% of the locally utilized water in the County. Agricultural demand accounts for 68% of the total demand for groundwater in the County. So it is vitally important that the Ventura County Groundwater Section maintain a due diligence over our limited underground and unseen water supplies.

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PLEASE NOTE: All new wells in the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency boundary must first obtain a no-fee permit from the FCGMA prior to applying for a well construction permit from the County Watershed Protection District - Groundwater Section. Special requirements may also apply from the Santa Paula Basin Pumper's Association, the Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency, and various cities within the county.


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