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Certificate of Compliance Application/Requirements/Reimbursement Agreement
A Certificate of Compliance may be issued when a property is determined to be a single, discrete lot or parcel existing in compliance with the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and local ordinances enacted pursuant thereto.

Certificate of Correction Reimbursement Agreement
A Certificate of Correction is used by a land surveyor to correct a recorded parcel map, tract map, or record of survey.

Corner Record
This form is used by a land surveyor, in accordance with Business and Professions Code Sections 8765-8771, to reset a missing property corner or "tie out" survey monuments prior to, and “replace” them after destruction by construction.

Tract Map/Parcel Map Checklist 
This is a checklist of fees and documents required for the initial submittal of a Tract Map or Parcel Map.

Issuance of Tract and Parcel Map Number (PW-66)
If a project requires a parcel map in the unincorporated territory of the county, or a tract map anywhere in the county, the owner uses this form to request a map number to be assigned and reserved for the project. For city parcel maps, contact that city's Public Works Department.


The County Surveyor’s Office has provided a link to the following informational websites that may be helpful to you:

Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors - Consumer Guide
Designed to help consumers who may need the services of an engineer or land sureyor.

California Land Surveyors Association - Land Surveying - How the Profession Serves the Public
This handout provides a general overview of the Land Surveying Profession and offers advice on how to choose a surveyor.



The Office of the County Surveyor collects fees and deposits for reviewing and processing subdivision maps, survey maps and document examinations, and other services . Please contact the Office of the County Surveyor to determine which fees and deposits will apply to your project.

Records / Data

Ventura County Field Book Index (Alphabetized PDFs) (Updated 8/18/2016)

Survey Records Available Through County View (More Information Here):
Miscellaneous Records – MR (including Tract Maps)
Parcel Maps – PM
Records of Survey – RS
Corner Records – CR
Centerline Ties Sheets (NEW!)
Unrecorded Maps – UM