Agency Strategic Plan

The Public Works Agency (PWA) executive team meets annually to review the previous year's accomplishments and plan our goals for the next year, always with the focus of "Service Excellence."  

To us, Service Excellence starts with a vision – where do we want to be as an agency in three to five years and how are we going to get there. We review our Vision, Mission and Values and develop our Agency Strategic Plan that captures our vision and includes goals and objectives for achieving the vision.  Our summary strategic plan can be viewed by clicking on PWA Strategic Focus Areas and Goals

One of our goals for Service Excellence is to instill a culture of innovation and constant improvement within PWA. While our agency has always strived to deliver public services that meet or exceed the expectations of the citizens we serve, there are always opportunities to improve or refine our service delivery processes. Through innovation and resource stewardship we can continue to meet our goal of providing quality programs in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Our challenge to all employees is - Become a change-maker and an advocate for improvement. 

 Strategic plan diagram