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When is a Grading Permit required?
Grading Inspection Fees
Soils and Geology Report Review Fees

Grading Permit Application Package
The Grading Permit Application Package contains an application form, fee schedule, instructions, and a checklist for use in applying for a grading permit.

Remove and Recompact (R&R) Permit Package
This package contains an application form, fee schedule, instructions, and a checklist for use in applying for a remove and compact grading permit for a Building & Safety Division approved foundation.

Grading Cover Sheet
The Grading Plan Cover Sheet must be included in all Grading Plan sets except R&R Grading Permits. (CAD file is available upon request)

R&R Grading Permit Cover Sheet
The R&R Grading Cover sheet should be used for Removal and Recompaction Grading permits. (CAD file is available upon request)

DS-44A Project Checklist- Final Submittal
This checklist is used by the staff engineer during review of street improvement plans for subdivisions and land use entitlements.
DS-49 Subdivision Improvement Cost Estimate
This worksheet used to calculate Public Works fees and deposits, and to establish surety amounts.
Grading Inspection Procedure/Rough-Grade Clearance/Final Grading Clearance
This document establishes the responsibilities of the land developer during grading construction and requirements that must be met before the granting of rough grading and final grading clearances.
DS-143a Rough Grading Professional Certification
DS-143b Final Grading Certification
DS-05 Grading and Drainage Checklist
This checklist is used by the staff engineer during review of grading and drainage plans for subdivision and land use entitlements

Construction & Demolition Forms B & C
Change Order Request Form
Complaint Form
Land Development Manual ( PDF)
Grading Ordinance


Public Works Questionnaire
A completed questionnaire must accompany all projects to be reviewed by Land Development Services Division.
Floodplain - Frequently Asked Questions
DSF-255 Floodplain Permit Building Standards
Elevation Certificate and Instructions
Floodplain Development Application
Floodplain Development Permit applications are required by the Land Development Services Division of the Public Works Agency for habitable and non-habitable structure construction in a FEMA designated 1% annual chance floodplain.

FIRM Zones
Floodplain Ordinance

Floodproofing Certificate
Floodplain Fees
This document is a fee schedule for a Floodplain Development Permit or a Floodplain clearance


Maps to Public Works
County View


Caltrans Links

Equipment Rental Rates and Extra Work Multipliers
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Cal Test Methods
State Standard Plans and Specifications Page
DBE Referral Service (CALTRANS) (Federally Financed Projects Only)
Bonding Assistance [PDF]

California Department of Consumer Affairs Links

Contractor's License Board
Contractor's Name and License Number Lookup
Contractor's License Reference Book
California Asbestos registrants' database.
Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologist's Board
Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists Lookup
Professional Engineers' and Land Surveyors' Laws and Regulations
All Professions - License Lookup
California Bar
Medical Board

Debarred Contractor Info Links

California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Debarments
California Division of Apprenticeship Standards Debarments
Calif. PCC 2202.5 List (Iran)

Permitting Links

County One-Stop Permitting
Construction & Demolition Debris Management
Road Encroachment Permit
Ventura County Watershed Protection District Permits- for more information call (805) 662-6882
Air Pollution Control District
Ventura County Building Code & Design Handout Plates (Building & Safety)
Ventura County Fire Department Standards

Stormwater Links

NPDES Construction Requirements Flow Chart
Ventura County NPDES MS4 Permit No. CAS004002

California State Storm Water Program - General
State Municipal Stormwater (MS4) Program
Ventura Countywide Stormwater Quality Program
State Construction Stormwater Program
Ventura County Construction General Permit CAS000002
SW-2 BMP Worksheet 1 Acre and Larger
SW-HR BMP Worksheet_High Risk Sites

High Risk Sites BMPs Brochure
CASQA BMP Handbook
CalTrans Construction BMP Manual