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The Subdivision Map Process

Under Construction....

General Information Related to Land Subdivision:

Tract and Parcel Map Number Issuance

We issue Tract Numbers for the entire county, and Parcel Map Numbers for unincorporated areas and for the City of Santa Paula.  A form for number issuance can be downloaded here.  For Parcel Maps in other cities, obtain the number from the city.

Map Check Status and Recorded Map Access

Copies of recorded Tract Maps and Parcel Maps are available at our Public Counter and/or online.  If you currently have a map submitted to our office for checking and would like to check the status, feel free to contact us or go online to check the status of your project using Ventura County’s Citizen Access web application.

Lot Subdivision and the Discretionary Permit Process

If you are interested in pursuing the subdivision of a lot you will need to apply for a Discretionary Permit.  For more information and instruction on the Discretionary Permit process you will need to visit Ventura County’s One-Stop Permitting Website.