Bids & Subs


VCGC Photovoltaic Project completed

The completed VCGC Photovoltaic project is pictured above

BID RESULTS                                


7/17/18              WP18-15(I)        V-11 Ventura River Retreatment Nos. 9-11                Sup. #1

07/12/18            RD18-03            Pavement Resrfcng - H.Valley,YB, Snta Sna Areas  Sup.#2, #4

06/26/18            WP18-14(I)        Calleguas Creek Widening Site Maintenance               Sup. #3

05/23/18            RD18-05            Kenney Street Pedestrian Improvements                    Sup. #5

05/17/18            RD18-04            Camarillo Heights Pedestrian Improvements Project    Sup. #3

05/15/18            WP18-01            Arroyo Conejo North Fork Repairs Upstream Keats     Sup. #2

05/08/18            WP18-07            Fresno Canyon Diversion                                          Sup. #1

03/07/18            WP18-06(I)        Tsumas Creek Restoration Site Maintenance Proj.       Sup. #3

02/13/18            WP18-05            Arroyo Simi Mitigation Planting & Maintenance Proj.    Sup. #4

01/23/18            WP18-04(I)        Fresno Canyon Diversion Vegetation Removal             Sup. #1

12/12/17            WW18-01           Recycled Water Pump Station No.2 Upgrade               Sup. #2

11/16/17            RD18-01            Pavement Resurfacing - Oxnard Plains            Sup. #2, #3, #5

11/09/17            CP17-04            Santa Paula Hospital O.R. Electrical Project                 Sup. #3

11/07/17            WP18-02(I)        Arroyo Simi Mitigation Planting and Maintenance Proj. Sup. #4

10/19/17            WP18-03(I)        S.Brch. Arroyo Conejo Chl.Rep. U/S Ventu Park Rd.    Sup. #2

10/12/17            CP17-03            Medical Examiners Electrical Modification Project         Sup. #1

08/29/17            RD17-11(I)        Oak Park Sidewalk Improvement Project                    Sup. #2

07/11/17            RD17-03            Santa Ana Rd Pavemnt Widening & Bike Lns Ph 2       Sup. #1

06/27/17            RD17-10            Las Posas Road Bike Lanes - Phase II                   Sup #2, #3

06/14/17            WP17-15(M)       Calleguas Crk. D/S Upland Rd. Sediment Removal     Sup. #3

06/08/17            WP17-13(I)        Tapo Hills Diversion Unit 1 Repair Project                  Sup. #4

05/11/17            WP16-16            Sycamore Canyon Dam Improvements                    Sup. #4    

04/18/17            RD17-04            Santa Ana Rd Pavemnt Widening & Bike Lanes Ph.3  Sup. #1

04/04/17            WP16-12            Conejo Creek Maintenance                                    Sup. #3

03/22/17            WP17-11            Oak Park Streets Urban Retrofit Phase 1                 Sup. #2

03/08/17            WP17-12            V-11 Ventura River Retreatment Nos 5-8                 Sup. #1

02/22/17            RD17-02            Santa Ana Rd. Pavement Widening & Bike Lanes       Sup.# 1

01/18/17            WP17-08(I)        Matilija Creek Retreatments Project                         Sup.# 1

01/12/17            RD16-09             Pavement Rehab-On Sys.Rds. SRV/DN/ER/NA  Sup. #2,3,& 5

01/11/17            RD16-14            Rose Ave. at Simon Way Intersection Imps.             Sup. #5

01/10/17            RD17-05            Santa Clara Bike/Ped. Imp./Lt Turn Ln Eucalyptus      Sup. #5

01/05/17            WP17-09(I)        Ventura River Retreatment                                      Sup. #1

12/22/16            WP17-02            Sespe Creek Levee SC-2 Rehabilitation                   Sup. # 3

12/14/16          WW16-01          Recycled Water System Phase 4-Pipeline Project        Sup. #4

12/07/16             RD16-12           Pavement Resurfacing - Limoneira Area                    Sup. #3

11/29/16             RD17-07           Pavement Resurfacing-Oak View Area                       Sup. #1

11/10/16             WP17-03(I)       Tsumas Creek Restoration Site Project                      Sup. #3

11/09/16             WP17-04           Santa Clara River Levee DStream of UPRR Ph.1      Sup.#1, 5

11/08/16             WW16-02          Recycled Water System Phase 4 Pump Sta. Project    Sup. #4

10/06/16             CP16-03           S. P. Hospital Chiller and Air Handler Repl. Proj.         Sup. #3

10/04/16             RD16-07           Pleasant Valley Rd. at Sturgis Rd. Intersect. Imps.    Sup. #3                 

09/27/16             RD16-11           Rose Ave at Simon Way Bus Stops Project                Sup. #5

09/13/16             RD17-01           Pavement Resurfacing - Oxnard Area                      Sup.#2,3

09/01/16             WP16-15           Arroyo Simi Invasive Plant Removal Project              Sup.#3

08/09/16             CP13-02            Fillmore Fire Station #27                                        Sup.#3

07/12/16             RD16-04           Wheeler Canyon Rd. Bridge Improvements               Sup.#1

07/06/16             CP16-04            Fillmore Library Addition Project                              Sup.#3


Publically bid contracts over $175,000 and negotiated contracts over $100,000 are awarded by the Board of Supervisors usually 3 to 4 weeks after bids are received though, in some cases, they can be awarded as early as the next day when the Board has authorized this by an earlier action.

Smaller contracts are usually awarded within a week after bidding. You can view awarded contracts here.

Right-of-way, environmental, funding, utility interference and other problems may affect the timing.