Ventura Countywide Stormwater Quality Management Program


Ventura RiverThe mission of the Ventura Countywide Stormwater Quality Management Program is to enhance, protect and preserve water quality in Ventura County water bodies using proactive and innovative ideas for preservation of biodiversity, ecological viability and human health. The goal is to work as a countywide team with public agencies, private enterprise, the environmental community and the general public to locally implement Clean Water Act requirements, balancing the actions taken with social and economic constraints.

Stormwater Monitoring Program

The Stormwater Monitoring Program includes both stormwater management and scientific elements. The collection and analysis of stormwater samples across Ventura County and the analysis and interpretation of the resulting data are the central activities of the Stormwater Monitoring Program. The Stormwater Monitoring Program is currently conducted with the following four major objectives at its focus:

  • Characterizing stormwater discharges from monitoring sites representative of different land uses - industrial, agricultural, and residential
  • Establishing the impact of stormwater discharges on receiving waters by conducting receiving water quality, mass emission, and bioassessment monitoring
  • Identifying pollutant sources based on analysis of monitoring data, inspection of businesses, and investigation of illicit discharges
  • Defining stormwater program effectiveness using data collected before and after implementation of pollution prevention programs